Reproducible part positioning and clamping featuring a reconfigurable fixture concept.


  • accurate and reproducible part positioning,
  • measuring process stability increase,
  • possibility of automated measurements,
  • reconfigurable fixture,
  • retooling support, i.e. the reuse of modular components previously withdrawn from service.

Modular measuring fixtures are mechanical, electromechanical, or automatic structures built using unified and universal components system for positioning and clamping of measured parts. As ZEISS partner, 3DTool is a supplier of modular measuring fixtures featuring ZEISS CARFIT system for automotive, aircraft, medical, plastics, and many other industries. Our design fixtures are dedicated to optical and tactile measuring machines. The high quality fixtures can be easily modified, thus used in various future projects. Our offer includes universal measuring fixtures for batch measurements and customized ones for single part measurements. This solution supports the optimization of fixture purchasing costs and required storage capacity.