About us

3DTool – provider of comprehensive metrology solutions in the field of fixturing systems

We are a team of mechanical engineers, metrologists, and automation specialists, who supply dedicated solutions including measuring fixtures as well as automation and optimization of measurement processes and test stands.

As a part of Competence Centre of Metrology, together with our partners, Lenso – a distributor of GOM’s optical measuring systems, and 3DTeam – a provider of 3D measuring services and reverse engineering, we deliver comprehensive solutions in the scope of metrology and quality control.

3DTool supplies technical solutions including customized measuring fixtures, GO/NOGO control test instruments, gauges, as well as automated test stands and measuring stations, and mechanical structures.

ZEISS, our business partner, is a producer of ZEISS CARFIT modular fixture systems. Our offer includes ZEISS products combined with comprehensive technical consulting services.

Advantages of our offer:


Consulting services on ZEISS CARFIT modular system as well as other ZEISS products


One supplier of a full package solution including design, production, assembly, measurements, adjustments and implementation


Technical support of our partners, who are experts in the field of measuring system and fixture technology


Documentation package: 3D CAD data, measuring reports, operation manuals


Technical support and training during installation and validation processes


Professional maintenance services during the whole life cycle of the product

VMR Optimization

VMR (virtual measuring room) analysis for each project related to optical measurements

How do we work?

Our services include support during the whole project life
including design concept, installation, acceptance protocol, and training.


  • placing an order by the Customer
  • identification of technical needs – gathering precise requirements as well as technical documentation and CAD data


  • developing a design related project complying with the Customer’s requirements
  • submitting the project for approval


  • ordering parts based on the prepared material specification
  • production of parts in accordance with the design documentation
  • product assembly and configuration
  • validation and measuring reports preparation


  • delivering products to the Customer
  • optional training and presentation
  • signing the acceptance protocol by both parties

We are an official distributor of ZEISS CARFIT modular system

3DTool is an official distributor of Carl Zeiss Fixture Systems GmbH, a leading supplier of components used to build measuring fixtures and accessories. We provide professional and comprehensive solutions ensuring the best quality technical support.

The main group of products of Carl Zeiss Fixture Systems GmbH includes ZEISS CARFIT – a modular components system comprising elements such as precise grid base plates, profiles, as well as setting, clamping, adjustable, and connection elements. These allow to build fixtures, gauges, and control test instruments. The components are of high quality and durability while the modular system enables upgrades or modifications to the fixture.


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